N-Line Valves

N-Line Valves custom designs and manufactures Severe Service Chokes and Control Valves are monogrammed to API 6A-Surface Chokes and 17D-Subsea Chokes.

Product Range

  • External Sleeve & Cage Choke Valves
  • Plug and Cage Choke Valves
  • Axial Flow Control Valves
  • Multi Stage Choke Valves
  • Subsea Choke Valves
  • Steam Choke Valves
  • Stepping Actuators - Pneumatic and Hydraulic
  • Pneumatic Actuators

Sizes and Rating

2" to 20"
Up to API 20,000 lbs



API 6A, API 01, API 6A-PR2, API 17D, ISO 9001

Download technical Specification